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 A little about me :
 My name is Trish and my husband is Jim of Dakine Siberian Huskies Stayton Oregon just outside  Salem and Silverton Oregon and only a hour from Portland Oregon. I have spent many years with dogs training and working with them as a hobby breeder.

The name Da Kine comes from my love of Maui Hawaii meaning" The Kind". Spending years there as my home, it is one of my favorite sayings used on the Island. So this is why I chose this unique name for my  Siberian Husky dogs. I was a Island girl for a few years and love the Hawaiian way and culture.
I used  show Siberian Huskies years ago, but moved to Maui and had to part with all my dogs. Due to the heavy restrictions and quarantine on the Island for it is Rabies free. Fortunately I was only on Maui a few short years and after returning to Oregon I picked up where I left off. I have only a few Select dogs and I love it.  I am considered a very small hobby breeder. Keeping it small is good. You stay focused and the dogs  and they get what they need, FAMILY DAILY living  in our home with us, as well as Getting ran, biked and walked they love their life. with us as their pack.

When I show it is for a hobby not for the status, and you find I am not your typical dog show person. I am down to earth and very grounded. I  have shown in  AKC. and some International Shows as well. Showing is a activity I can do with my dogs, If my dogs didn't like it I wouldn't do it ;)  
 I personally have AKC titled several  Dogs as well as International titled many dogs over  the years. Showing several different breeds for other breeders as well.  

I also currently am a Mentor for a small Euro Doberman Breeder in Salem Oregon named after me  "Dakine": Dobermans, I help them with their breeding program providing knowledge and help when needed because it is my passion and I love to help as they are good friends of mine. I personally do not have any dobermans of my own at this time, but used to them have them and have a lot of  knowledge. Being very close friends who trained dogs for the Military are just looking to me for guidance  that I can provide them, and to screen potential homes. I love dogs and enjoy doing this for them.

 I pride myself on not having a kennel full of dogs I don't believe anyone can have more than 5 or 6 tops total at any given time and do the dogs justice. and give the dogs what they need. Any more than that you are seriously pushing it and they dogs suffer and are more than just a hobby breeder for sure,  it is a ton of work and your spread way to thin, this is absolutely not fair to the dogs, they just can't get that individual attention each of them needs when you have more than you can handle. Dogs need to be family members and to do it right, litters need to be raised under foot in the home 100% until they go home not like livestock for they are mans best friend . To be valid family members,  for this to be achieved they need to be very well socialized. Start life out in the kind of environment they will be living their life in. Hearing sounds as their ears open, lots of touch and visual stimulation as their eyes begin to focus. It is a very crucial period of development, both neurologically and emotionally, and being raised in a kennel without enough human contact DOES EFFECT  THEM  LIFELONG I promise. Been around dogs for over 25 years of my life, I have studied them and watched and known so many breeders who kennel raise pups and believe me you don't want one. KNOW THIS it  can't be fully un done.  Not that a dog can't be a good family member, But they will have social issues you will have to deal with for the life of the dog no it can not be undone know this life long social issues. I can't express this enough. HUMAN INTERACTION AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE in the early life makes for a well adjusted socialized dog. 

The best advice I can give you is find a hobby breeder  that has a ton of knowledge who is breeding as a passion for the breed not for commercial profit. Who actually puts more money into their dogs and , who has  just a few dogs NO MORE THAN 5 adults total at any given time personal opinion here and from experience. and who is home during the whelping and raising process of the litters and  make sure of this, by visiting if necessary. CLEANLINESS IS HUGE! Take note with your visit. 
By a few I mean no more than they can have in their home with them five or six tops and is borderline, otherwise you know they are outside in a kennel and one truely can't give the time and focus they need to for this breed. A Siberian Husky of all breeds needs proper socialization to be a good family member trust me in this. Please Keep that in mind while doing your search for a good breeder. Any breeder who will not let you come to their home and see their dogs at any stage of your puppies development RED FLAG , to see  how they are kept and raised is a HUGE RED FLAG RUN. Unless you have dogs at your home and they have young pups this would be the only excuse that would be valid due to risk to the pups. (we also are very careful about this for the safety of the pups who are not yet vaccinated) But pick your pup up at their home not a parking lot. "Excuses, excuses your a breeder people need to see how your dogs are raised and kept simple as that". A breeder who has  kennel full of dogs and more than just a few is gonna have issues with un socialized pups you can bet on it you just can't spread yourself that thin. Take it from me I know years of experience and trying to have more than I could handle not fair to the dogs.
We as a family  love the out doors and spend a lot of time fly fishing as well as camping,(dogs go with us everywhere). Bellow you will see a few pics of me showing and of me and my Husband so you can get a idea who we are. Your breeder is someone you will have a relationship with for your dogs entire life  for support if they are passionate about what they do~ It is work hard work, worry ,sleepless nights but well worth it to produce sound dogs of fabulous genetics that contribute to the breed. A wonderful blend of show lines with exceptional health and temperament behind them.  
Words of Wisdom: From a breeder who has been there done that and is a Vet Tech by trade. When looking for a Siberian Husky breeder be sure to ask questions. I can guarantee you will see a huge difference in temperament when it comes to breeders back yard breeding and breeders with plan and thought and knowledge of how genetics and who have just a few specific litters and planned breeding's with just a couple dogs. . As I case the internet I spot the breeders with animated web sites to grab you and a bunch of garble junk. Don't let that fool you. Choose your breeder wisely. This breed has been taken by storm by the backyard breeder  and the show breeder who has far to many dogs to do it right, and the temperaments and health are less than acceptable. Take your time when selecting a breeder to work with.  If you contact me I am more than happy to refer you to good reputable breeders if I do not have what you are looking for. I am about the breed. But I will not trash or talk down about other breeders. So please do not email me asking about specific breeders.. I get so many of these emails. I will just advise you to make a visit and do your homework..

* The Siberian Husky (Russian: Сибирский хаски) is a medium size working dog breed that originated in north-eastern Siberia, Russia. The breed belongs to the Spitz genetic family. ... The original Siberian Huskies were bred by the Chukchi people — whose hunter-gatherer culture relied on their help

Siberian Huskies need a lot of vigorous activity daily. They were developed as sled dogs and are what is considered a working breed of dog. which means they have energy and endurance to spare, . This breed enjoys long walks, hikes, jogs and bike rides. In the yard they can play fetch for hours on end.

Their medium size makes Siberian Huskies appealing to apartment dwellers, but this may not be the best living situation 

Trainabilityor a Husky.

This breed is notoriously difficult to train and are generally not well suited for first time owners. Huskies require firm leadership and 100% consistency when it comes to boundaries and rule enforcement. Their expressive eyes can be used to manipulate the softies of the house, so all family members must also be “trained” to be consistent with rules and leadership. They are trainable, but it take consistency from all family members.

*Behavioral Traits

The popularity of the breed has led to a lot of backyard breeding of the Siberian Husky, and there are many dogs being born into blood lines with uneven temperaments it is very important to go with a breeder who is informative of how to breed for temperament and knows the lines they are working with. So many backyard breeders have gotten a hold of the breed and really done a number on it. If you take anything away from this please note that with this breed the breeder you go with will make a difference on a dog you can live with or not. Also make sure you breeder is properly socializing your puppy and raising them under foot you can't un do what has been done as far as socialization. A puppies nervous system is not fully developed when born. The time with the breeder is extremely important as far as development. The dog can be from fantastic lines,but if not properly socialized you will have a life long temperament /social issue you will not fix.

A well bred Siberian who has been properly socialized is a delight to his or her family. Fun loving talkative family member. They are soft and kind and make the best cuddle teddy bear a person could ask for. They are excellent exercise companions and never have a issue keeping up, even with distance runners. They are pack oriented and love their people. A well adjusted dog can be a great addition to a family who have properly prepared for a Siberian husky to enter their home.

Huskies are notorious escape artists, managing to climb fences,  go through screen doors,dig out for they have a huge digging instinct. They can be chewers when they are bored. Make sure your husky is in a well contained high fence preferable covered kennel when left un attended to. Many Siberian Huskies end up as road casualties for their need to run and ability to escape

Modern Siberian Huskies registered in the US are largely the descendants of the 1930 Siberia imports and of Leonhard Seppala’s dogs, particularly Togo. The limited number of registered foundational dogs has led to some discussion about their vulnerability to the founder effect.


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